Amazon App Distribution And Services Agreement

The content of the web application. Amazon may allow you to provide Amazon Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), CSS files, HTML5 or Java script code, or other documents that allow you to access web applications or games or otherwise activate („Web application content“). You allow us to pack and package your web application content in Android-enabled APKs or other mobile app files („Web Apps“) for distribution via the program, and update these web applications from time to time, while changing the software we use to pack and package your web app content. For the purposes of the agreement, (a) your web application content is „Content“ and (b) all web applications we create from your web application content, „mobile apps,“ except that any software we use to package or package your web application content will not be considered part of your „mobile applications.“ No sale of physical property; Prohibited products. You only transmit digital products, content and services that will be called or used in your software applications, games and alexa Skills as in-app products. As an in-app product, you will not present physical products or other products, content or services that must be provided or executed outside the software application, game or Alexa Skill (although the sale of digital content accessible inside and outside your software application, game or Alexa Skill is permitted) or contrary to program rules (including a list of prohibited in-app products that we set up). The restrictions in this section do not limit your use of the Amazon Mobile Associates API (defined in the Amazon Mobile Associates calendar). Fees and payment. The prizes for rankings and tournaments are defined in our program guidelines. Rankings and tournaments are sold by Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates („AWS“). To use rankings and tournaments, you need an AWS account, a account and payments to AWS. The terms and conditions for payments, including taxes, are stipulated in the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement you have with AWS.

Rankings and tournaments. „Leaderboards and Tournaments“ is a collection of services that allow you to integrate end-user contests and associated features into your applications. You can only use rankings and tournaments through documented interfaces and other features that we make available, and you will respect all the speeds, abilities and other limits we set for the use of leaderboards and tournaments. Without limiting the terms of the program hardware license, you can use tournament leaderboards and APIs in conjunction with the distribution of your applications to end-users via the program or similar services. The terms of this calendar apply when you use Amazon Mobile`s Ads API. „Amazon Mobile Ads API“ refers to all program media we provide to enable the use of our Amazon Mobile Ad network in your content. Their use of the Amazon Mobile Ad Network and the Amazon Mobile Ads API is governed by the Publisher Publisher Agreement, which is available at