Cabb Purchase Agreement

Standardized forms, widely used and constantly updated, are worth much more than all the costs of being a member. Networking opportunities and access to lenders and other service providers are just a bonus. CABB forms are essential for any transaction and only current CABB members have the legal right to use them, I want to be where the best brokers in the industry come together. CABB is clearly the. I have developed excellent peer relationships over the years and the training is very specific to California brokers. CABB has been an excellent source of networking with professionals and helping to reach agreements. Anyone who is serious about selling closely managed businesses in California should be a member of CABB. I have been a member of the CABB for over 20 years and I believe that professional relations with my colleagues are essential. Each of our office agents must be a member of the CABB. High quality training and adds so much importance to their knowledge and professionalism.