Trade Agreement Dwarf Fortress

We may have some provisions right now, but we are quickly getting too many goods to fit in, so we`re going to go big and do a storage fund. This is the storage method I always use because it`s easy to do, easy to see all your goods at the same time, and easily accessible to dwarves. By default, no trader is required in the deposit and only a broker can act. It`s for business! You bring what you bought and you keep it in your reserves. So when I replayed, I discovered that Baron only left to follow the Minister of Commerce, who decided that there was important transportation to be done. After that, they met and I had my desires to do. I`m just trying to buy a lot of steel items from dwarf caravans. That`s why I pushed the requirements to the maximum for all the items that can be made of steel (mining cars, cages, crafts, etcetera). This increases the price of items, as stated in the trade agreement. However, it does not admit that the caravan will actually bring these objects, and if it brings, their prices are exaggerated by demand and quality. So I ask the following (related) questions: If everything is ready, act, it should look like this. Hm, if you haven`t tried it yet, you can create a Garbage Dump („i“ – „g“ I think?), then check the yak with „k“ – „d“ to dump.

If it doesn`t work, the dwarves can be quite stubborn at some point, and there`s nothing they can do./. Also make sure you have a garbage depot. Thank you for your comment! When the goods are deposited, press „t“ for trade. This brings you to a shopping menu with a list of everything traders have left and everything you have on the right. You don`t pay with money, you pay by „trade,“ where you give them something of the same value or more than you want. Just select what you want from the dealers left and choose what you want to give them. Unfortunately, my Minister of Commerce did not yet have an office, so they had to end up in the dining room. Merchant Baron said two things, then announced that they had reached an agreement, and I was able to see the documents. They wanted math and short swords, but I couldn`t tell them what I wanted. I built the distributor depot and I asked for a dealer and I did it where everyone can act, but I don`t have the opportunity to choose the goods to trade (he says there is no trader in the depot right now, even though I have a dealer in my company). What`s the matter? Ah, simply „d“ refers to a seawater route from which either „d“ d“ ditch or „h“ pipeline flow, preferably by channeling a path to the right of the lake.

If seawater flows by chance into your fortress, it shouldn`t be too big right now. Hope that helps. Is there any chance of showing us where you think by digging up the water by the lake and not submerge our fortress? ­čÖé I would like to introduce you to some dwarves!! science!! – the quantum warehouse.