What Is The Agreement That Helps To Define The Expected Service Quality

In addition, the hotel could charge an additional fee up to the extra effort. It`s unlikely to pay any more. The second aspect of responsiveness is to respond quickly to a customer request. When the response is delayed, customers usually lose interest. Many salespeople answer the phone, „I`ll call you back.“ The call is never made. The customer draws his own conclusions about the quality of service he will receive in the future. A high-quality company will meet or exceed customer expectations while remaining economically competitive. [3] Empirical studies indicate that improved service quality increases profitability and long-term economic competitiveness. Improving the quality of services can be achieved by improving business processes; Identify problems quickly and systematically Establish valid and reliable performance measures and measure customer satisfaction and other performance results. [4] Skills communication enables providers to meet customer expectations. And affect their quality of service assessment in advance. Although SERVQUAL is an excellent tool for measuring the quality of service, managers need to be aware of the potential problems associated with the instrument and the methodology of the gap theory on which it is based. Understanding these issues can prevent service companies from misinterpreting results and developing inappropriate marketing plans.

The above facts show that the perception of quality of service is constantly changing and that the determining factors are the use of new technologies, the development of quality people and a change of vision on boards of directors. Service organizations should provide regular customer service to find out if clients have problems with the service offered or with service personnel (see the example of the Sheraton customer survey). Questionnaires on the quality of service provided by the organization should be made available to clients. In addition, efforts should be made to examine the factors that lead to discontent. x. The World`s Largest Collection of Customer Service Quotes Some current methods for measuring customer expectations and customer perceptions are SERVQUAL, SERVPERF, Critical Incidents Technique, observational studies, focus group discussions and detailed interviews, and evaluate these methods in terms of relevance and suitability for service marketing in different contexts.