Transition To Azure Plan Under The Microsoft Customer Agreement

Subscription-based businesses thrive and grow through the growth of their existing customer base, while continuing to attract new customers. It is a cumulative effect, each customer is a constituent element. Once you understand this, the only way to build a successful recurring business, based on subscriptions, is by automating and making the right tools available to your internal teams and customers. You can switch from a customer of their existing Azure CSP offerings to Azure services as part of the Azure plan in the new commerce experience in the CSP program at the Partner Center. To do this, the partner and customer must have a reseller relationship established through The Partner Center and have signed Microsoft`s customer agreement. The administrator agent of the current partner`s customer receives an email for his customer to request a transfer of his subscriptions: the transition flow automates the necessary steps: the customer must be in contact with both partners (current and future) before using this tool. An offline conversation should be necessary to avoid confusion and emigration. In addition, partners and customers should understand these considerations and prerequisites before starting a transition: once the transfer is complete, the subscriptions contained in the requirement will be displayed in the future partner`s Azure plan and will no longer be listed with you. It is therefore important that your customer removes Azure RBAC access to their previous partner and adds the new partner`s access. For more information about your customer offering new access, see What is Roll-Based Azure Access Control (Azure RBAC)? For more information about how your customer removes RBAC access from your previous partner, see Delete a Role Assignment.

The customer must also indicate the subscriptions he wishes to transfer from his current partner. You can`t change partners for Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscriptions. The transient feature only applies to customers who are transitioning to the new commerce experience for Azure and have signed Microsoft`s customer agreement. It`s not for other offerings in CSP like Office 365 or Dynamics 365. Your customer will switch to the Azure plan. Partners who opt for the Azure plan must ensure that the terms of Microsoft`s customer agreement are accepted. .